Industry Forum

ICIT 2015 will include Industry Forum sessions with speakers addressing topics in various areas including:
* Aerospace Electronics – This session is focused on current and future trends in avionics, navigation systems and electrical architectures for new aircrafts. The aerospace industry is developing the More Electric Aircraft (MEA) concept for replacing mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulics systems by electrical systems electronically controlled. This is significantly increasing the electrical power requirements, creating a need for the enhancement of the generation capacity and the electrical distribution systems, which is conferring a special importance to power electronics.

* Power and Energy Systems - The demand for advanced Industrial Electronics and Informatics solutions is growing in the power industry satisfying Smart Grids requirements and needs. This session examines challenges and trends dealing with industrial electronics, power electronics, information and communication technology, energy management systems, power utility automation, smart consumers & loads (intelligent buildings, storages, etc.) and the integration of renewables into the future energy grids

* Vehicle Electrification – Vehicles are far more complex in the electrical areas such as and including electric motor power, infotainment, autonomous control and the role of electrification in urban mobility. This session examines the technologies needed to realize products in this area and observes areas where research could contribute value to the overall transportation ecosystem.

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