Travel Support

Authors coming from IEEE Region 8 (Europe, Middle East, Africa) can get travel support to attend the conference from the R8 Voluntary Contribution Fund (VCF).
Necessary conditions
  • Member ofIEEE R8 at least in a second year,
  • Personal incomeless than 10 000 USDper year including scholarship, social society…,
  • Travel to aconference sponsored or co-sponsored by IEEE, R8, Society or Sections of Region 8,
  • Paperaccepted for presentationat the conference (only one travel support per paper),
  • Conference within thegeographical area of Region 8. Some conferences organised worldwide by IEEE societies are also eligible for VCF support,
  • Conference presentations should bear anacknowledgment to R8 VCF,
  • Money usedfor travel and subsistence, no money to meet conference fees. (Travel: airline, train or bus ticket – economy fare only; accommodation; meals only for students and applicants with income under $100/month),
  • Sendoriginals of expense receiptswith the expenses Form to the VCF coordinator,
  • The maximum amount providedcan not exceed US$1000,
  • Only applicants who havenot been supported by IEEE R8 VCF in the last 5 yearsare eligible. Students may get funding twice in 5 years, to the total amount of US$1000 ,
  • R8 committee members are not eligible,
  • First conditions of eligibility checked.
  • Application formdownloaded here (VCF Travel 2013), is to be completed by the applicant and sent to the Section Chair or the Section VCF Officer,
  • Form sent electronically to the VCF Coordinatorby the Section Chair,
  • Verification and Clarification(Some points in the form might need clarification, specially about the expenses),
  • The Section Chair and the Applicant are informed of the decision by the VCF Coordinator (e-mail),
  • The Applicantgoes to the conference. If some money is needed in advance, the Section Chair should ask for it and explain
  • Project Report with the completed Expense Formand the original of the expense receipts, up to the amount granted by VCF, should be sent by ordinary mail to the VCF Coordinator,
  • Transfer of the moneyto the applicant when everything is completed.
Applicants should not rely on VCF solely. Applicants should report on the use of money after the project is finished. If the money is sent in advance and not used according to VCF rules, Region 8 is entitled to ask the reimbursement.

If you need more information or have any problem, please contact the VCF Coordinator.
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